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Mumby Insurance Brokers’ life insurance division became Informed Insurance. Douglas Pinnell is our President. Known for his boundless energy, passion, and innovative approach to his long term client relationships, Douglas is a long term friend and advocate for the Canadian design profession.

He’s known for making sure that the insurance decision is the right one for his clients, simplifies complexities, builds long term relationships, and helps his clients to make informed decisions.

In his spare time, Douglas enjoys travelling with his wife Anthea, musical events, hosting family and friends at their Lakefront property, and putting a smile on the face of anyone he meets.

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Liam Brown​

“We were having our first child and buying our first home at the same time, and Douglas walked us through a detailed understanding of our options for life and home insurance that felt like we were getting advice from a trusted source, like a conversation between friends without bias or judgement. It keeps us coming back as our needs change!”


“We are very pleased! Douglas provides a professional and responsible liaison with his annual reviews. The hands-on is EXCELLENT, which is generally not experienced in the industry. As face-to-face is a part of our business, we appreciate it when we get it from you. The great rates are just an added bonus!”

John Frankovich

“I have been a Mumby Insurance client since 1982, receiving coverage for my life insurance, home and cars insurance over all these years. The service received has always been GREAT. The only time I had a bit of an issue it was addressed quickly and to my satisfaction. It has been a good long lasting relationship. Thank you.”

Jim and May Strasman

“We have received great service from Mumby over the DECADES, including office visits from Douglas at least once a year. Douglas continues to support and protect us by reviewing our coverages, ensuring they are adequate and appropriate, and has reviewed other policies to ensure they are structured properly and are protecting us adequately. “Douglas continually provides an explanation of the coverages that are easy for us to understand. We find his presentations to our employees are valuable as well. As we have placed our trust in Mumby Insurance over the decades it’s easy for us to say that we are pleased with the service we receive.”

Paolo Bugliari, II BY IV DESIGN

“I have confidently placed group insurance benefits as well as commercial coverage with Douglas Pinnell and his team at Mumby Insurance Brokers for several years. I am pleased to say it’s been hassle free, and everyone on my team seems to be happy. It is easy for me to pick up the phone and speak with Douglas, or a member of his team, whether the subject is big or small, and it is dealt with professionally and efficiently. “It makes me feel like I have a trusted insurance expert working on my behalf. I have referred business to Douglas and Mumby Insurance Brokers, because I know: they are solid in their advice, and knowledgeable, they over deliver, they’re patient, have great rates, and they provide what we need.”

Chris Radigan, Teeple Architect Inc.

“Douglas Pinnell has taken care of our group benefits protection for over six years. During that time, we have found Douglas Pinnell to be personable and helpful. He takes the time to explain our coverages in a way we can understand, and I find that I learn something new each time we meet. I appreciate how Douglas not only services our group benefits program but also advises on our personal and business protection as well. “The various publications we receive from Mumby Insurance Brokers are also appreciated . I am pleased with the service and attention we receive from Douglas and Mumby Insurance Brokers.”

Christina Ballarino

“Douglas is always friendly and helpful. I appreciate his quick responses to our group benefits plan inquiries and just how lovely he is to work with in general. I would definitely recommend Mumby Insurance to others!”