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How Architect Patrick Survives and Thrives after A Cancer Diagnosis

In this blog we share Patrick’s story of how despite a diagnosis of prostrate cancer, Patrick recovers gets well, and goes on to win some architectural awards of excellence. (Note for confidentiality, names and some details have been changed)

  • Patrick is a successful architect who has owned his own practice for over 20 years.
  • He meets Douglas at one of the architects conferences where Douglas had a booth. At the booth, Douglas had a game where architects could spin the wheel for prizes. Douglas talked with Patrick about the concept of winning a big cheque from an insurance company if he was diagnosed with a critical illness. Douglas informs him of the the sobering statistic that one in three Canadians will be diagnosed with a life altering illness. Patrick walks away from the booth wondering if he might be one of them.
  • Patrick realizes that he would want a big cheque if he ever got sick and hires Douglas as his insurance broker to secure critical illness protection. Douglas guides him through his Blueprint for Peace of Mind process and Patrick carries on with running his firm.
  • 5 years later, Patrick calls Douglas. Patrick has received some bad news; he’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • Douglas empathizes with this bad news, and reminds Patrick he has help; he will receive a $200,000 cheque from his insurance company.
  • This takes huge pressure off of Patrick as he can make sure his health is his biggest priority. He can take time off from the demands of running his practice while he goes through his cancer treatment protocols.
  • Patrick gets his health on track, full recovers, and goes back to running his practice.
  • A few years later Patrick wins some prestigious awards. He realizes he never would have been able to do so without his health. He sends Douglas a note thanking him for making him aware of the statistics, presenting a solution, and making sure he got his cheque.