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How Architect Valerie Retains a Key Employee and Gets the Support she Needs as a Business Owner

How Architect Valerie Retains a Key Employee and Gets the Support she Needs as a Business Owner

Valerie is the owner of a thriving architectural practice with 20 employees.  She is planning to continue to grow and expand her firm and therefore has started to focus more of her efforts on business development.

One of her staff,  Eric,  is now taking care of running  the practice, taking care of the daily operations and the expanding team. 

Unfortunately,  Eric has some stressors in his personal life that are making it hard for him to perform his duties.  He has burned out, and  needs psychological support.      

Valerie engaged architect insurance specialist Douglas Pinnell for the firm’s employee benefits several years ago.  She is hopeful that the plan will provide the support that Eric needs.  

As a supportive employer, she makes sure Eric takes advantage of the plan and supports his request for a leave of advance.

And then, it starts to take a toll on her own mental health.   She is pulled back into operations and a team that is used to working with Eric, who has a very different leadership style.   They need more time and attention now, and yet, she has obligations to the bank who extended a loan to help her business expand post Covid.  The business must continue to grow,  and to do that, she needs to retain her team and ensure they remain productive.

For the first time in her life, Valerie is experiencing stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression.  So she decides it is time for her to also take advantage of the benefits plan.   This provides her with the emotional support,  which leads to the decision to hire a business coach to help her explore options.

When Eric and Valerie submit their claims to their insurer,  they are substantial.  

Unfortunately, the insurers immediate response is denial of coverage.

Valerie calls Douglas and asks for his help.   She is able to confide in him because she knows he too is a business owner, and will keep her confidence.   

Douglas goes to bat with the insurer on Valerie and Eric’s behalf, and successfully negotiates the claim payments.

Valerie gets the business coaching she needs to handle the pressure of Eric’s absence, and Eric is able to return to work in a few months time with increased confidence and capability to continue his duties.

The firm is now on a trajectory for increased growth and profitability.