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How Zara protected her Investment in her Architecture Education

In this blog we share Zara’s story of how she invests in the right insurance protection even with a large student debt load. (Note for confidentiality, names and some details have been changed)

Zara graduated from the University of Waterloo with her Master of Architecture.  

Zara was eager to start working in the business of architecture and to start to pay off her large student debt load.

During her interview process with various firms throughout Ontario, one firm indicated they would like to groom Zara for succession purposes.  The current firm principal was looking for someone with a high degree of interest in specializing in health care.  Zara was a natural fit given some of her intern experience.

Unfortunately, both Zara’s Mother and her aunt were diagnosed with breast cancer. Zara’s aunt succumbed a few weeks ago. This weighs on Zara’s mind as she contemplates her future.    

During Zara’s onboarding with Anne, her mentor at her new employer, Anne reviews her group benefits plan.  Anne suggests that Zara reach out to Douglas Pinnell with any other questions she might have.  

Zara had contacted Douglas. In confidence, she shared her concerns about her family medical history. Douglas explained how critical illness protection would pay a sum of Zara’s choosing in the event that she were to be diagnosed with breast cancer.  Zara decided the investment was worth the peace of mind. Zara proceeded to hire Douglas as her critical illness insurance broker.

Douglas secured the protection for Zara, negotiating on her behalf with underwriters when concerns were raised about her family history.  

Fast forward several decades later, we find Zara has taken over the reins for the practice successfully.   Zara had remained healthy and did not make a claim for her breast cancer insurance. For that reason, she received full reimbursement of all the premiums she had paid over the years.