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Landscape Architect Stephen’s Story

In this blog we share Stephen’s story. Stephen goes through some difficult life and business challenges which lead to him being unable to work. The right insurance gives him a break from the pressure, leading to even more freedom. (Note for confidentiality, names and some details have been changed)

  • Stephen is a Landscape Architect in B.C. He’s read about an exclusive plan for disability insurance protection in the BCSLA newsletter. When he reads that the plan offers exclusive protection for Landscape Architects and that the rates haven’t increased since 1975, he wants to learn more.
  • He speaks with Douglas Pinnell, and finds out more about the exclusive plan. He compares the pricing and coverage to the quotation offered by his friend who is an insurance broker, and realizes that the value with the Landscape Architect program is outstanding. There is no way his friend could compete, and his friend agrees that it’s in Stephens best interest to take advantage of his Landscape Architect insurance.
  • Douglas guides Stephen through his Blueprint for Peace of Mind process, and Stephen carries on with running his firm, knowing that his paycheque is now fully protected.
  • Unfortunately, the next few years don’t go well for Stephen. They have been really hard for him as a business owner; staffing headaches, difficult Clients, and separation from his wife.
  • He finds himself unable to get out of bed in the morning and unable to cope with running his firm any longer. He is going through the motions because he has 20 staff to take care of. Some days he even has suicidal thoughts.
  • Stephen goes to his doctor and is diagnosed with depression. He is told he should take time off to get treatment – medications and cognitive behaviour therapy can help.
  • He reaches out to Douglas and tells him what is going on, knowing that Douglas will keep this information in absolute confidence. Douglas gives Stephen the confidence to take time off knowing he has insurance in place.
  • His insurance kicks in to allow him to be able to take the time off to focus on his health. His second in command at the office steps up to the plate and takes the reins while Stephen gets the help he needs.
  • Stephen takes time off, gets the support he needs, and eventually decides to sell his business to the second in command who is thrilled! Stephen stays on part time but now has time for his personal interests and relationships. He has even found a new love in his life and they spend a lot of time travelling the world together.