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A MultiDisciplinary Firm “Designing for You” Thrives Despite a Partners Illness

In this blog we feature how Designing for You struggles with difficult decisions as a result of a partners’ illness. Seeking Douglas’ assistance leads to a win win outcome for both the firm and the partner. (Note for confidentiality, names and some details have been changed)

Designing for You

  • One of the partners at a multi disciplinary design firm hears Douglas speak about succession planning at a continuing education event hosted by their professional association. He realizes that Douglas has a wealth of knowledge in the design industry and may be able to help with a problem they are experiencing which may impact their own succession plan.
  • One of the six partners is ill, and his time away from the practice is impacting the firm’s revenues and capacity. While everyone wants the partner to take time off to focus on their health, the reality is that projects need to be completed. Everyone is feeling conflicted about how to balance the need for health care against the needs of the firm.
  • They reach out to Douglas for assistance. Many calls and conversations ensue, and a win win scenario is created. It takes a bit of outside the box thinking, but this is one of Douglas skills which allows him to approach the problem in a creative manner.
  • All six partners now realize that they want to make sure that their firm continues to grow and thrive, even if another one of the Partners passes away or gets sick.
  • Douglas guides all of the partners through his Blueprint for Peace of Mind process, and the partners carry on with running their firm, which grows and thrives.